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Meet Derek

When you want your voice heard, it is nice to know your representative is one of US.

Derek Chartrand is a proud third generation Washingtonian! Born on March 5th 1968 in Bellevue Washington. Shortly after birth our family moved to Whatcom County as my Father, Rick began teaching at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa. A few years later my dad had an opportunity to start a more than two decades career at Boeing and we moved back to Redmond. My Mother Bev who previously worked at Pacific Northwest Bell stayed at home raising my brother and I. As a child of a middle class family I attended Ben Rush Elementary, Rose Hill Junior High before graduating Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, WA. My 6th and 7th grade was attending Marshalswick School in St Albans, United Kingdom as my dad was transferred with Boeing and taught me tremendous lessons of independence, perseverance and the value of friendships.

Following High School I worked as a Municipal Bond Trading Clerk at a Seattle based Financial Services company before embarking on my college education that culminated at UC Berkeley having studied Forestry Management and Drama. Having worked my way through college by loading trucks for United Parcel Services, working for the PMA doing Longshoreman work on the Seattle waterfront during Holiday breaks, selling tires for Sears and delivering results to clients as a personal trainer at a gym, some at the same time reinforced the lessons my mom and dad taught me of hard work and goal setting.

Meeting my wife Rose and her daughter over 22 years ago on a blind date, we have had a blended family for over 17 years since our marriage. Together we have two creative and athletic boys and a beautiful, intelligent and accomplished daughter. All our children have had the opportunity to be proud second generation students at the same public K-12 schools I attended, having learned from some of the same teachers that invested in me.

As a young child of 10 years old, my sense of entrepreneurial spirits were unknowingly converging with environmentalism as I established and serviced used newspapers “Pick Up” customers in the surrounding neighborhood with my “Little Red Wagon”. Paying my mom a fee to help me transport the newsprint to the recycle center helped me earn my first “Cool” Schwinn bicycle.

From age 13-16, I was a Seattle Times news carrier, learning and demonstrating accountability, salesmanship and a strong work ethic. Delivering papers 365 days a year in rain, shine, snow or sleet OK, mainly rain, earning a nice income and rewarded with sales recognition trips to Disneyland, Vancouver BC and Big Mountain Montana Skiing and making great friends I still have today.

16 years old meant “Driving” and my first W2 job at Randy’s Moss Bay Union 76 gas station in Kirkland teaching me the value of preventative maintenance. Through my involvement with DECA in High School I moved on to working for QFC and Generra Sportswear and the famous Northwest eatery Dukes run by John “Duke” Moscrip.

After College I saw the technology wave approaching and joined the telecommunications industry selling services for the likes of Frontier and AT&T relocating back to Washington in 1999 to provide support for my mother that was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Achieving success was put into perspective when my Mother finally passed away in 2008.

The great recession humbled our family like many of yours forcing tough decisions, hardships and to re-aim or efforts reminding me we all are Americans with Hope! Loosing my Father in 2018 to complications of a stroke was difficult and bittersweet.

Working today in the environmental industry has provided me great satisfaction reducing greenhouse gasses while providing industry with a return on their investment. This creates a Win-Win for our community and Country! I consider myself to be a “Compassionate Capitalist” and have high Hope for our future.

People and their diverse life experiences make this District the Greatest place to live and is a beacon of light for the next generations to call Washington home.

I look forward to learning from you on the campaign trail as I hear your stories and we find common ground. We are Washingtonians, We are Americans!



Americans have always looked forward, learning from the past to create our future.  Leaving England to risk their life for a better future our forefathers humbled themselves to learn from the Native Americans during the Pilgrims’ first winter in the new world.

Education is the key to success.  There is no unimportant job, period.  Everyone has their own perspective on their future.  College is not for everybody, to others it provided a springboard to their present

It is not about the institution but about the individual and “What’s Next” as we “Chart” our own course.  Education must be accessible, affordable and purposeful.

Growing up I here in Washington I have perspective with my entire education being public from Kindergarten to College.  Private or Boarding school was not an option as we were raised that if there is a problem with something, Fix It.  We ate from the same bowl our neighbors did.  My three children have or are following the same public-school pathway the majority of us will take.

We need to fix our broken education system; High schools locally do not provide sufficient nonacademic education.  High school Seniors have three choices: College which is expensive, Workforce or Military.


When elected to Congress, I will work to;


Lower the cost of Higher education.

Expand access to vocational training.

Address educational inequity.

Reform education distribution thru online learning.

Nourish not abandon underperforming institutions.


Term Limits

Congress is the “People’s House” and members should not expect to have a permanent job. Fresh ideas are needed or power will corrupt!

When elected I will only serve a maximum of 8 years or 4 terms in Congress ensuring every day counts.  Every term I am re-elected will be a sign of “Job well done” until I pass the torch to the next servant of the people.  I will be honored in working hard to earn your vote.


When elected to Congress, I will:


Learn from you what is critical.

Initiate conversation to find common ground with fellow members.

Mobilize ideas and efforts that deliver value to you and the country.

Improve the efficiency of Congress.

Thaw the growing divide and create the environment for common sense and civility to WIN.

Set an example for others to follow.

father and children help plant trees to help reduce global warming.


Whether you believe in the “Big Bang theory” or the “Concept of Creation” as I do.  Global temperatures have risen over the last 50 years as has the worldwide population.  Correlation or coincidence?  Either way “Common Sense” as the theme of my campaign tells me our actions have reactions.  Reducing our carbon footprint matters to me.  As a Compassionate Capitalist I recognize that we need to use our American ingenuity to create technology and implement innovations that rewards environmental stewardship.  John F Kennedy created legislation that allowed our company to develop the emission reduction technology we proudly sell today.


When elected to Congress; I will:


Champion policies that will create new, sustainable, clean energy jobs and grow our economy.

Listen and look for solutions encouraging people doing their part.

Encourage proper use of waterways to reduce flooding devastation.

Advocate for “Common Sense” legislation encouraging continuous improvement as opposed to friction and inaction.

Nourish areas of inefficiency to improve quality of life for all.



I am extremely proud to be an American!  With that pride comes an immense appreciation to all the veterans that have served, fought and died for our country.  My family has a deep history of military service.  From the Korean conflict to the Gulf war, honor and perseverance have resided within my family.  Close friends and their family have continued to protect America serving through present day.  I will work for and honor every man and woman that has worn the American uniform.  Let me take this moment to say, “I salute you”!

As a member of Congress, I will work to:


Expand local access to timely and quality healthcare services.

Advocate at the top level to Gold and Blue Star family members concerns.

Grow employment opportunities for returning Veterans.

Listen to military family involving hardships and respond expeditiously to their requests.

Ensure Veterans receive the disability pay they deserve.

We need your Support

We are all in this together.  Let’s get out and make a difference that benefits all of us.  Your vote makes a difference.

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Local Leader Derek Chartrand Announces 2020 Congressional Bid

June 1, 2020

Redmond, WA — Congressional candidate and local resident Derek Chartrand
announced today his candidacy for Washington’s 1st District—currently held by Suzan
DelBene. Seeing the country divided for too long, Derek looks to usher in common
sense and civility as the cornerstones of his campaign to bring prosperity to all residents
in the 1st District.   Download announcement.

US Congressional Representative , District 1, Candidate Forum - July 9, 2020

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Nothing great for society was provided by One person.  Let’s join together to create a movement
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Derek Chartrand

Washington’s 1st Congressional District

P.O. Box 3521
Redmond, Washington
United States 98052


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